Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Singkat : Fox and The Eagle

Dongeng bahasa inggris singkat hari ini  berjudul Fox and The Eagle. Moral dari cerita dongeng anak ini adalah bahwa kita hidup dalam kebersamaan dan harus saling berbagi dan tidak boleh serakah dengan menindas orang lain

The pact was made between the cunning fox and eagle. It was decided that the eagle will fly and track preys sleeping in their house while the fox will come and kill them. The meats will be shared equally between the two. It became easier for both now to have wholesome diet everyday until fox thought, he need to have more share as it is him who is actually making more efforts in killing the preys.

Next time when the eagle tracked a prey, fox refused to kill and asked eagle to first promise that he will be happy with whatever share fox gives him. Eagle unwillingly accepted. Henceforth, whenever a prey was trapped fox used to have the entire meat and leave little for the eagle.

The unsatisfied eagle now planned to teach a lesson to the fox. One day he saw a trap, made by poachers to catch elephant. The 20 feet deep trench was covered with grasses. The eagle as usual came to fox and said there lays 3 fat rabbits sleeping under the grass. The fox with water in his mouth rushed towards the said place and fall into the trench.

Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Singkat : The Princess

There was once and incredibly rich, beautiful, and wise Princess. Tired of false suitors who were only interested in her money, she announced that she would only marry whoever managed to present her with the most valuable, tender, and sincere gift of all.

The palace filled up with flowers and gifts of every kind, letters describing undying love, and love-struck poems. Among all these wonderful gifts, she found a pebble, a simple dirty pebble. Intrigued, she demanded to see whoever it was who had offered this gift. Despite her curiosity, she pretended to be highly offended by the gift when the young man was brought before her. He explained it to her like this,
"Dear Princess, this pebble represents the most valuable thing one can give - it is my heart. It is also sincere, because it is not yet yours, and it is as hard as a stone. Only when it fills with love will it soften and be more tender than any other."

The young man quietly left, leaving the Princess surprised and captivated. She fell so in love that she took the little pebble with her wherever she went, and for months she regaled the young man with gifts and attention. But his heart remained as hard as the stone in her hands. Losing hope, she ended up throwing the pebble into a fire. In the heat of the fire, the sand crumbled from around it, and from out of that rough stone a beautiful golden figure emerged. With this, the Princess understood that she herself would have to be like the fire, and go about separating what is useless from what is truly important.

During the following months she set about changing the kingdom, and devoted her life, her wisdom, and her riches to separating what is truly valuable from what is unimportant. She gave up the luxury, the jewels, the excess; and it meant that everyone in the kingdom now had food to eat and books to read. So many people came away from their interaction with the Princess enchanted by her character and her charisma. Her mere presence transmitted such human warmth that they started to call her 'The Princess of Fire'.

And as with the pebble, the fire of her presence melted the hardness of the young man's heart. And just as he had promised, he became so tender and considerate that he made the Princess happy till the end of her days.

A Young Queen

A young Queen was given a special present from a great wizard. It was a magic chest which would bring happiness to the whole kingdom whenever it was opened in a place where there was a spirit of generosity.

The Queen travelled all over her kingdom, looking for the most generous people. When she had collected them all, she opened the magic chest. However, nothing whatsoever happened.

That was, until one day when, returning to her castle, the Queen saw a poor little boy begging. The Queen would have given the boy some money, but she didn't have any with her. So the boy asked her if she could give him the old chest she had, so he could sell it for a little money, in town. At first the Queen hesitated, because she had been told the chest was magic. But on seeing how poor the boy was, she gave it to him. The boy took the chest and opened it.

Immediately, all the most wonderful things one could imagine started flying out of the chest, accompanied by the sound of singing: "Why look for it in others? Goodness always starts in yourself", went the song.

And as well as enjoying all the wonders of the magic chest, the Queen learned to set an example in virtue, and she became the best Queen ever to reign over that kingdom.

By : Pedro

Blue Pinguiin

I woke in the night to a noise from the kitchen.
I went down the stairs on a fact-finding mission.

Whatever was there, I did not have a clue.
It was eating a meal (I knew from its chew).

The fridge door was open with food on the ground,
And a tiny blue penguin was looking around.

He looked through the food, and he tossed it aside.
He opened a can and dumped out the inside.

Something about this, just didn’t seem right,
But it wasn’t the oddest thing I saw that night.

Excuse me!” I said, but he seemed not to care.
I shut the fridge door, and he shot me a glare.

“Jelly” he said as he held up some bread
With smooth peanut butter, he must have just spread.

“Jelly?” I answered, “I think we ran out.”
The little blue penguin put on a blue pout.

“Jelly…” he said as he waddled away.
Without any jelly, why would he stay?

I followed him out through the squeaky backdoor.
An igloo was there, that was not there before.

He slid on his belly, inside out of sight,
But it wasn’t the oddest thing I saw that night.

I heard a loud ruckus and ran back to see
A giant giraffe flipping though my tv.

He munched on some chips and kept changing the channel.
The bathrobe he sported was made of red flannel.

“Excuse me!” I yelled, but he turned up the sound,
While most of the chips ended up on the ground.

He tossed up a few, and he took a big bite,
But it wasn’t the oddest thing I saw that night.

I heard water splashing the bathroom upstairs
And found a large octopus bathing in there.

She had my green shower cap on, just my luck.
I was sure she was using my new rubber duck.

said “Finish up!”, and she told me “All right,”
But it wasn’t the oddest thing I saw that night.

Back from my bedroom came a crash and a thud.
Two lemurs were throwing around balls of mud.

My room was a mess, and they both were to blame.
I swear, it was clean till those two lemurs came.

There was mud on the dresser, the desk, and the light,
But it wasn’t the oddest thing I saw that night.

Outside I looked up, and I know it’s bizarre,
But guess what flew by me? A bright shooting star!

I wished for the penguin to get all his jelly.
I wished the giraffe would stop using my telly.

I wished that the octopus there in my tub
Would exit the bathroom and give it a scrub.

I wished that my room would still somehow be clean.
I wished that the nonsense would all be a dream.

The lemurs both left, the giraffe had enough.
The octopus gave me back all of my stuff.

The blue penguin waddled right up to my feet.
He carried a sandwich, most ready to eat.

Then he flew off when he flapped both his wings,
And that, of it all, was the oddest of things…

By : Daniel

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Night Hippo

By an African river known as the Nile,
The sun fell away and it rested a while.

The rhinos were tired from the smoldering heat,
So they laid down to sleep and they wiped off their feet.

The elephants marched to their elephant beds
And gently they rested their elephant heads.

But the hippos were bathing in the shallowest pools,
Thinking the rhinos and elephants fools.

Slowly the hippos sank into the river,
The water so cold that it gave them a shiver.

(Hippos can’t swim, despite what you may think.
Since they also can’t float, they could easily sink.)

They dove underwater to the soft river bed,
Onto darkish green plants with a smidgen of red.

They strolled on the bottom, then bounced up for air,
And they did it for hours, without any care.

The fish followed closely, weaving in, weaving out,
Swimming under their bellies, and up to their snouts.

And then, one by one, hippos headed for shore
To feed on the grass by the river once more.

They dried off their bodies by shaking and stomping
And took bites of grass, chewing and chomping.

With the night fading fast, they were full from the feast,
As the sun returned back, rising up from the east.

The hippos crept off to collapse for the day
While the rhinos and elephants got up to play.

Enjoying the warmth of the sun and its light,
Never knowing the story of hippos at night.

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