Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Singkat : Fox and The Eagle

Dongeng bahasa inggris singkat hari ini  berjudul Fox and The Eagle. Moral dari cerita dongeng anak ini adalah bahwa kita hidup dalam kebersamaan dan harus saling berbagi dan tidak boleh serakah dengan menindas orang lain

The pact was made between the cunning fox and eagle. It was decided that the eagle will fly and track preys sleeping in their house while the fox will come and kill them. The meats will be shared equally between the two. It became easier for both now to have wholesome diet everyday until fox thought, he need to have more share as it is him who is actually making more efforts in killing the preys.

Next time when the eagle tracked a prey, fox refused to kill and asked eagle to first promise that he will be happy with whatever share fox gives him. Eagle unwillingly accepted. Henceforth, whenever a prey was trapped fox used to have the entire meat and leave little for the eagle.

The unsatisfied eagle now planned to teach a lesson to the fox. One day he saw a trap, made by poachers to catch elephant. The 20 feet deep trench was covered with grasses. The eagle as usual came to fox and said there lays 3 fat rabbits sleeping under the grass. The fox with water in his mouth rushed towards the said place and fall into the trench.

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